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Step Out On A Promise And Into Your Future MP3(4)

Step Out On A Promise And Into Your Future MP3(4)

You can’t step out on a Promise and walk into a future by gravitating back to the "old normal” that you used to walk in before you went through your valley!

"New Normal” doesn’t resemble "Old Normal” and it isn’t supposed to, because SOMEONE (YOU) is changing at a very profound and deep level!

You can almost feel like you are walking out of the valley, stripped naked of everything you were wearing in the Spirit and in your heart before your dark journey began.

And now, you are being asked to TRUST AGAIN and believe a PROMISE, and yet in order to walk on, you feel like you are more UNCERTAIN OF YOUR STEPS than ever before.


Let me take you through the steps of getting from your "Valley" to your "Mountain Top"!

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