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God is Going to Bless You No Matter What (4 CDs)

God is Going to Bless You No Matter What (4 CDs)

Ever wonder what it is your heart needs to hear from the Lord when faith seems faint and victory seems distant? Have you ever felt perplexed about a challenge or a season you are facing or enduring? The story of Joseph, his dream, his brothers, and his father Jacob reveals an amazing truth about the love and care of your Heavenly Father and Your High Priest and Elder Brother, The Lord Jesus: GOD IS GOING TO BLESS YOU NO MATTER WHAT, and He will command a restoration of revelation, finances, and more than enough provision spiritually, relationally, emotionally, financially, and physically for you to fulfill the dream!

Whether you are stuck in a cycle of anxiety, a cycle of grief, a cycle of betrayal, a cycle of seemingly endless warfare from the enemy, the secret to breaking any of the cycles is found in the story of Jacob, Joseph, and his brothers. They were all part of the dream, and the dream was bigger than all of them. The Lord is there with you through it all and is going to BLESS YOU NO MATTER WHAT!

Order this series today and listen to it repeatedly until the faith principles get so embedded in your spirit that you watch cycles break that you have been stuck in season after season. GOD IS GOING TO BLESS YOU NO MATTER WHAT…by the Father's love, this is certain!

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