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The Roadmap of God 5 (DVD's)


Do you want to begin to detect the mind of God in this season? Start with humility and ask yourself this question: What do I really and truly want?

Consider these things Beloved:

· Without true self-acceptance there can be no genuine acknowledgment of the desires of your heart. 

· It’s important to uncover what you truly want as opposed to what you think you want, or what you "should” want…if you cannot do this you cannot know who you truly are!

· What you truly want is SIGNIFICANT to God!

· You are God’s child, and God’s friend, not His enemy! 

· You are unique and there is no one else like you: 

o   He made you with your deepest desires.

o   What is unique to you?

This is a season when all of God’s children need to get reacquainted with detecting His mind and discerning His voice. This is all about God’s roadmap. David understood it from an Old Covenant perspective in Psalm 27 and many other Psalms. It is time for you to understand it and live in it as well. This is life-changing.