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The Hidden Factor (6 CDs)

The Hidden Factor (6 CDs)

The "hidden factor” is unknown to you at a conscious level and only known at a feeling level, YET requires being brought to speech. You might call this a "groaning too deep for utterance,” or unspoken knowledge. However, in order for MANIFESTATION to occur and your hidden factor to be utilized in all its fullness requires BRINGING IT TO SPEECH.

Prayer brings EVERYTHING to speech. The reason is simple: in the Kingdom of Heaven NOTHING HAPPENS except a WORD is spoken. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth reveals your hidden factor. When you combine spiritual thoughts with spiritual words you bring things to speech, which releases the power of the manifestation of your heart’s desires.

Lay claim to your real ground of being in Christ, destroy any hold on the old ground ofyour past that the enemy has kept you in bondage to, and release your HIDDEN FACTOR, which will in turn empower you to manifest the desire of your heart! Your hidden person of the heart contains a hidden factor that knows the deep things of the Spirit that want to manifest in the earthly arena. God cannot bring them to pass without YOUR ASSISTANCE.

 Isn’t it time for the HIDDEN FACTOR to unfold a new future in your life? Aren’t you ready for the current chapter in your life to end and a new one to begin? There is a hidden well of eternal movement in your hidden factor! Isn’t it time to let it flow?

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