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The Creative You (6 CDs)

The Creative You (6 CDs)

The Creative You: How to Make Your World Heaven on Earth

This series is packed with tremendous truths that will transform the way you observe the world around you, the people around you, and even the way you observe yourself. You will learn how to MASTER THE CYCLES OF CHANGE AND RENEWAL just by learning how to recognize those cycles and identify where you are at this very moment in those cycles.

God, The CREATOR of the Universe, created YOU to be CREATIVE in your world. He is waiting in this challenging hour that we are all facing for THE CREATIVE YOU to come to the forefront and become the solution that is needed in every situation you encounter, with the power of Heaven itself to back you up, confirming the things you do for your family, your friends, your finances, your physical well-being, your career, your calling, with miracles large and small!

This series will take you step-by-step and prophetically show you the seven things that the Spirit of God is emphasizing right now in your life and the lives of those you touch. Just knowing these seven things will change your walk with God and the way you interact with Heaven in prayer!

You are being called to bring Heaven into your earthly sphere. YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO MAKE YOUR WORLD HEAVEN ON EARTH!

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