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Praise: Pattern, Pathway, Protocol 6 (CDs)


This 6 message series won’t simply remind you of the power of praise, it will go in depth in the Scripture as to how to approach the King on His Throne and how praise is the key to almost every release and breakthrough in the Spirit that is possible.

You are part of God’s vanguard company in this hour of spiritual warfare. Together we are marching forward with orders from the Throne to go forth conquering and to ultimately conquer in Christ!

God is looking for your praise! God is looking for our praise together!

God is quickening His royal priesthood as things are unfolding in relation to His Eternal Purpose. Let’s recommit to being Presence-Driven, knowing what happens when God manifests His Presence in the midst of His enemies! God is going to spread a feast for us in the coming days as things shift in the atmosphere of praise and worship.
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