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How Do You See Yourself 6 (CDs)

How Do You See Yourself 6 (CDs)

"How do YOU SEE yourself?”

My heart’s desire for you is that you are moving forward and that you do not see yourself as widowed with your past, I want you to see yourself as wedded to your glorious future in God in this life as well as the life to come.

Ruth was in a place where she had to see herself in a new way, because she and Naomi both felt a profound sense of not being in control of their lives because everything had gotten out of control. 

These are days of real uncertainty, and there is no way around it, and we can no longer avoid acknowledging that 900 pound gorilla in the room of our life. Uncertainty can lead to a troublesome sense of not having control and trying to figure out where God is in all of it. 

Learning how to come to terms however with how YOU SEE YOURSELF will empower you to have influence on circumstances and situations EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE DIRECT CONTROL!

The end result of all of that, is that by your faith you can still realize the dreams and desires God has placed in your heart…just like Ruth of old.

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