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The Dance Betweem Chance and Choice (6 CDs)

The Dance Betweem Chance and Choice (6 CDs)

The Dance Between Chance and Choice: Transforming Possibility into Opportunity

You can live life by design and not by default by actively choosing the outcomes you want by faith and then aligning your heart, mind, will, and steps in that direction. You need to consider that in every moment, every movement, you are making life-decisions.

You don’t want to miss any more favorable opportunities in your journey of faith, so let Dr. Chironna coach you, support, guide and even encourage you by the Spirit, to recognize and seize your potential possibilities, converting them into favorable opportunities in God.

Taking chances is a part of life, yet developing superior decision-making skills by the use of godly wisdom is what faith is all about. We must meet with success and transform possibility into opportunity.

In this series, you will learn biblical truths for success through appropriate risk-taking to challenge and transform you!

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