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The Path of the Rainmaker (6 DVDs)

The Path of the Rainmaker (6 DVDs)

A RAINMAKER is anyone who has the ability to initiate progress and insure success in those things they invest in. A RAINMAKER is also someone who has the power to bring resource and revenue to bear on situations because they bring resources and revenues to the table no one else does.

RAINMAKERS are on a God-ordained pathway that causes them to be free in their personal lives from being defined and determined by the forces that surround them from the outside. Their zip code doesn't determine their potential, their family upbringing doesn't determine their potential, the decisions of others don't determine their potential, nor do the opinions of others determine their potential. RAINMAKERS are on a path of discover that leads to an inward REVELATION that empowers them to reach their potential regardless of the environment, and to bring to bear resources and revenues both spiritual and natural in every place they go and in every area of their life assignment.

THE PATH OF THE RAINMAKER is a proven path to golden opportunities in the Kingdom that affect your family, your career, your calling, your connections, your finances, and so much more.

THE PATH OF THE RAINMAKER is a path that leads to:

  • Success in your field
  • Becoming a role model
  • Becoming a magnet for others attracted to the excellence you embody and the integrity you walk in
  • Becoming a balanced individual in your personal life and your career
  • Becoming fully conscious of what it means to walk as one who is "HIGHLY FAVORED"
  • There are SECRETS OF GREATNESS reserved for the BLESSED and HIGHLY FAVORED when they are on THE PATH OF THE RAINMAKER!

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