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Intentional Living (4 DVDs)

Intentional Living (4 DVDs)

Intentional Living: Life by Design and Not By Default

If there is one thing you cannot afford to be without, it is INTENTIONALITY! You cannot afford to live life by default; you have a mandate to live life by design, or "INTENTIONAL LIVING." There is a grand design that has been imprinted on your heart and your spirit by God Himself. It is not subject to the stock market, the world's economy, or the world's political trends...it is subject to the glorious power of the God of Creation alone! He is the Wonder- Working God Who deeply desires and intends for you to work wonders in your life in cooperation with Him!

When you experience "stuck states," or feel like your life is going nowhere fast, or feel like you desperately need something fresh to take place in your journey, it often implies that somewhere in the past, or maybe more deeply, somewhere in your consciously forgotten past, you gave away your power, gave away your potential, and lost a portion of your "intention." Believe it or not, too many of God's people have been lulled into an unhealthy place of passivity in their daily lives by faulty teaching regarding the will of God. God's people all too often live by default and not by design!

This series provides some glorious truths about redesigning your life, mastering the cycles of change, getting unstuck, and being able to get moving again in an onward, upward, and forward manner. It requires one simple little attitude that is also an inner resource: INTENTIONALITY!

Your Heavenly Father is quite INTENTIONAL about what He wants you to experience and taste in this life. It is His good pleasure to give you the Kingdom with all of its benefits.

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