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How to be Happy in an Unhappy World (6 DVDs)


Do you want to learn HOW TO BE HAPPY IN AN UNHAPPY WORLD? This series will give you a tool box full of resources to rebuild your life on a supernatural foundation. In addition, it will provide you with an arsenal of spiritual weapons against the forces of darkness and give you the edge you need to prevail and overcome the enemy on every front.

With this series, you can:

  • Develop new coping strategies to deal with anxiety
  • Recognize where you have misplaced your attention so you can re-place your attention
  • Master negative moods and get out of them quickly
  • Generate and create new language patterns of faith
  • Clarify your values (what really matters to you)
  • Live for what really matters in your life without fear of rejection or disapproval
  • Get rid of the unpleasant things that are not serving any purpose in your life
  • Prove the will of God from the inside-out
  • Develop a new sensitivity to things in the invisible world
  • Recognize the prophetic signals from the Holy Spirit within you so that you can act on them and release God's power (Whatever He says to you…DO IT)
  • Heighten the awareness of the mystery of faith
  • Re-discover God's Personal Presence in your inner life
  • Re-discover God as YOUR LOVING FATHER
  • Re-discover your untapped power to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

There are six solid messages in this series that will change your inner environment for the "good” (the HAPPY).

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