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Becoming Who You Already Are (6 DVDs)

Becoming Who You Already Are (6 DVDs)

Becoming Who You Already Are: Your Transformational Journey in Christ

With this series, you will learn to recognize how fear has been hiding below your limiting beliefs and assumptions. It will reveal the DISTORTED EMOTIONS, DISTORTED IMAGES, and DISTORTED CONCEPTS based on being Past-Present that have affected the way you interpret your past, your present, and your future.

Learn to change the way you organize your reality, your perceptions, and your mental models of how your world works. Learn to neutralize, destroy, and cast out the fears that have been the driving force behind all the distortions as you become more and more assertive, comfortable in your own skin, and more Christ-revealing in your walk.

Insecurities are going to lose their ability to influence your decision-making processes. Feeling trapped will no longer be a word to describe your "stuck states.” You will learn the secret of how to get out of stuck states quickly and with great resilience to be back in the flow of God's river within you.

You will also find the grace to stand your ground and overcome intimidation. You will walk in the assertive nature of Christ Himself! You will stand on Resurrection Ground. You will stand in a place of WHOLENESS, and COMPLETION by faith. You will notice marked changes in your life, and others will also notice them without you having to say a word.

This series will take you step-by-step through a process of the renewal of your mind. The result will be that the most subtle shifts in your thinking from being Past-Present to being Present-Future will enable you to experience the Future-Present PRESENCE of the Spirit Who is working in you!

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