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Where are the Rainmakers (5 CDs)

Where are the Rainmakers (5 CDs)

Where are the Rainmakers?

One of the things that needs to happen right now for those with the spiritual DNA of being RAINMAKERS is they have to learn how to harness their passions, take them to another level, upgrade and refine them in favor of their desired outcomes from heaven. With this series, you will learn to do just that.

Here's how you will know that you are a RAINMAKER:

  • God will take you out of your comfort zone into unknown realms, territories without maps, and places beyond your understanding
  • God will take you out of your depth (like going from swimming in the shallow end of the pool to swimming with the sharks)
  • God will take you through some spiritual floods
  • God will take you through some spiritual fires
  • God will allow you to be afflicted
  • God will allow you to be perplexed
  • God will allow you to be struck down (but not struck out!)
  • God will cause you, in spite of it all, to still believe, still have the spirit of faith, and still speak faith in every situation
  • This series will coach the RAINMAKER inside of you to come out of hiding... to come to know in your knower, from the Word of God, that all these dealings are tied to your assignment, the increase of the anointing in your life, the increase of the glory in your life, and the ability you have to be a RAINMAKER, to bring spiritual revenue and resource, and even natural revenue and resource into every situation in every area of your life and assignment. In other words, you will be the reason it is RAINING the blessings of God down in your sphere and measure of rule.

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