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When Prophets Move (6 CDs)

When Prophets Move (6 CDs)

When prophets move there is a FLOW that takes place in your life. When you understand how to rest in that flow that already is moving in the Spirit, you are carried by the currents and the waves of the goodness and the mercies of the Lord!

Prophets are called to move in God's FLOW and release the people to move in God's flow. When prophets move everything changes for the good. When the Word of the Lord comes, it carries with it all the provision for that Word to come to pass!

This series will teach you how to:

  • Listen with acute awareness for the moments of opportunity that the Lord will present to you
  • Deepen your understanding of what wants to happen in your life
  • Live under an open heaven
  • Experience 24-hour turnaround miracles and breakthroughs
  • See the goings and the moving of God and cooperate with them
  • Operate in the Law of Decree
  • Listen for the rhema word that God wants you to speak
  • Build a bridge between what wants to happen in the Spirit and what will happen in your circumstance
  • Live in a multiplying anointing
  • See your debts cancelled
  • Let the river of God rise in your life
  • Move in endless flow and peak performance in all you do
  • Experience fullness in every area within and without
  • This series will teach you to give conscious attention to the FLOWING of God's power in you, through you, and to you! It will help you to move EASILY, EFFORTLESSLY, and SMOOTHLY through life's challenges and opportunities.

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