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The Strategy of Faith (6 CDs)

The Strategy of Faith (6 CDs)

The Strategy of Faith: Defining Moments and Predictable Miracles

Something is stirring in the Spirit, and God is moving again, RESTORING AND RENEWING HOPE by a technology that is powerful, a technology that can FINE-TUNE your ability to HEAR FROM HEAVEN and PREVAIL against every opposing force you encounter on your way to God's PROPHETIC PROMISE for this season in your life! This is HEAVEN'S STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY and it works consistently when put to use in the way God intended it to be put to use.

God is looking for a company of saints RIGHT NOW who will DARE TO BELIEVE that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! And who will use HIS STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY to advance His Kingdom in their lives and in the lives of all they touch.

GOD has a STRATEGY that requires your FAITH if it is to be effective against the strategy of the enemy against your life.

When you operate in THE STRATEGY OF FAITH, DEFINING MOMENTS and PREDICABLE MIRACLES happen. Defining moments are moments when the eternal eclipses and overshadows time and space in your life, and a window of opportunity opens for something new to happen, and if you are awake and alert to those moments, you seize them and PIERCE THROUGH THE VEIL that has hindered you from SEEING all that God has promised you for the current hour!

Everything Christ experienced and accomplished had already been predicted…and HE WALKED IN PREDICTABLE MIRACLES!

GOD is looking to raise up a renewed company of saints who operate in the STRATEGY OF FAITH and PREDICATABLE MIRACLES. Decide now that you are one of them!

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